Virginia Rush’s Vyburt Silcott is a treasured member of our community and he, and his family, need our help. Vyburt has given over 22 years in his commitment to Youth Soccer. As Senior Girls Director of Coaching,VA RUSH he continues to direct our youth athletes in achieving their goals.

Vyburt’s family home in St. Thomas, V.I. has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma. His 91 year old mother, Mary Callwood weathered the storm in a basement closet as her roof and walls collapsed and blew away.

Thankfully, Mary’s life was spared but her home is gone. Only today was Vyburt able to get through to his mother and know of her safety. The home must be rebuilt and lost belongings replaced. More importantly Mary must be cared for throughout the reparations to her home.

Please show Vyburt how much he means to VA RUSH and the larger community of Virginia Beach with your prayers and donations. Any amount matters. Find what you can give and give it to our campaign. Im reaching out for your help. Please donate today.

Help spread the word!