ANNOUNCEMENT: Virginia Rush Soccer Club will be joining the Club Champions League (CCL) beginning Fall of 2018. Read more about it at the link to CCL Press Release! | #ruid #virginiarush #rushsoccer #ccl


Virginia Rush to Join CCL in 2018-2019

Charlottesville, VA (February 4, 2018) – The Club Champions League (CCL) is pleased to announce that the Virginia Rush Soccer Club (VA Rush) will join CCL beginning Fall 2018.

“Virginia Rush is excited to become a new member of CCL. The league’s primary focus is player development which aligns perfectly with Virginia Rush’s mission. With the many changes in youth soccer, locally and nationally, we appreciate CCL’s stability and clear direction moving forward. We are certain that CCL will contribute to the continued development of our players and success of our program,” stated Danny Speight, Virginia Rush President.

VA Rush joins Northern Virginia Soccer Club (NVSC) as the newest members of CCL within the past two years.

“We are pleased to welcome the Virginia Rush to the CCL. Structurally and competitively they certainly fit the mold of club that we look for during an expansion process. All of our existing clubs are looking forward to competing against them in the Fall of 2018,” said Steve Danbusky, Beach FC Executive Director and CCL President.

VA Rush will play in the coveted CCL club-to-club matchday format for boys and girls age groups 11-19, as well as participate in CCL II events for second teams, and the CCL ScrimmageFest for 9-10s. VA Rush will also field CCL PRO23 Men’s and Women’s teams for Summer 2018. Rush Families in the 9-10 age groups will also participate in the league’s two free CCL ScrimmageFests powered by SKLZ.

“We are very excited about joining the CCL. The competition platform is like no other in the region and will help push our players and teams on all levels. From a local standpoint, we are also excited about reviving the Rush vs Beach FC rivalry and creating new rivals around Virginia, Maryland, D.C.,” commented Matt Mittelstaedt, Virginia Rush Technical Director.

The CCL is based on the philosophy that the player is a member of the club as well as a member of the team and that successful clubs develop players and teams from within.

“We value VA Rush’s structure and leadership. They recognize and value player and community development. For years, the CCL has succeeded in helping clubs development from within, collaborating on best practices, and seeing our clubs grow – we look forward to doing the same with the Rush,” stated Brian Kuk, CCL Executive Director.

About Club Champions League, Inc.
The Club Champions League strives to activate and accelerate youth soccer development through its club-centric, technical director-driven model. The Club Champions League provides superior competition, offers a player development pathway and club model for ages eight to twenty-three, and consists of the top youth soccer clubs in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

About VA Rush
Virginia Rush is one of the only soccer clubs in the Southeastern Virginia to have developmental, advanced and competitive, along with many other programs, to create a soccer experience for every level. The club currently has 3,500 players participating in a variety of programs.