Respect informs our interactions with our coaches, our players, and our Rush family around the world. | #ruid #virginiarush #rushsoccer #corevalues #respect

As we continue to highlight a core value each month, perspectives from around the club will weigh in on this month’s core value: Respect.

Respect influences all parts of Rush, including our staff. Director of Inclusion and Diversity and Technical Director of Kansas Rush Daouda Kante spoke on the role the core values play in shaping his philosophy regarding coaching,

“I think the one that speaks to me the most is Respect,” Kante continued. “I’m a firm believer in the fact that you will never get anything out of your players if you don’t listen to them and give them the respect they deserve. If you don’t give them respect, they will not return that respect to you.”

National Technical Director Matt Middlestaedt added to the conversation,

“From a National Technical Director perspective, it gives you a baseline for how you handle your interactions with other Rush clubs. Respect what they are doing in their local market, respect the time each club and person puts into working to help make Rush become the best club.”

Middlestaedt continued, “From a coaching perspective, it gives you an excellent foundation to work from. Respect the game by giving it your best effort each time you step on the field.”

The Core Values are central to the Rush Way. As the clubs operate similarly and with the same values on a national scale, as well as on the international stage, a club culture is created, one that also holds meaning for how Rush players and staff interact in all areas of life.

Middlestaedt concluded, “They set us apart by giving us something to base everything off. Every decision we make on and off the field should represent these Rush Core Values. It’s a foundation. Respect leads us to the other Core Values and helps set the baseline for everything we do.”

As the month continues, we will continue to highlight other perspectives on the core value of respect.