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USSDA 13/14 Futsal Event Recap


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The USSDA 13/14 Team goes UNDEFEATED on final day of US Soccer Futsal Event!

The US Soccer Futsal Event was held over two days in Concord, NC. Academy Teams that were represented at the event were:

Carolina Rapids

Capital Area Railhawks Academy


Charlotte Soccer Academy

Concorde Fire

Georgia United

NC Alliance

NC Fusion

Richmond Kickers

Richmond Strikers

SC United Battery Academy

Virginia Rush

All Academy teams were divided into two teams for the event, Red and White to represent our Federation. VA Rush Teams were divided as follows:

RED - Bay, Casarez, Eads, Hall, Helou, Marshall, McCann, Messick, Schinderlie

WHITE - Acey, Austria-Ethridge, Johnson, Korka, Perrigo, A. Smith, C. Smith, Usonis, Vince

On Saturday, the boy's made the long drive down to Concord, NC and played two games that afternoon. The schedule was as follows:

VA Rush Red v NC Alliance Red

VA Rush White v NC Alliance White

VA Rush Red v SC United Battery Academy Red

VA Rush White v SC United Battery Academy White

The boys started very slow and lethargic dropping both games to NC Alliance. In the second set of games, the Red team continued the lethargic performance with a loss, while the White team found a way to dig much deeper. After scoring seconds after the kickoff the VAR White Team continued to keep a one goal lead for the most part of the game. Never trailing during the game, with about 40 seconds left, SC United Battery scored to tie the game 4-4. Given the work and quality that was put out by our boy's, this game ended as a heart-breaker.

"It was a disappointing first day from our 13/14 Academy boy's. Overall, the performances were not at the level expected of our boy's and they were not good enough! There ability to handle the adversity of travel among other small factors should have been much better. On a positive note, the White Team ended the day strong!" said the Virginia Rush Academy Coaching Staff.

On Sunday, the boy's seemed more determined, more motivated, and more driven! The schedule was as follows:

VA Rush Red v Carolina Rapids

VA Rush White v Carolina Rapids

VA Rush Red v Richmond Strikers

VA Rush White v CESA

The Virginia Rush Red Team set the tone for the final day with a couple goals in the first minutes against the Rapids Red Team. They continued this strong start and finished the game winning 6-2! The VA Rush White Team had a big performance to follow and started just as well! The game got closer after a slow second half start but they battled through the second half to finish with a 5-4 win!

The VA Rush Red had the Richmond Strikers in their final match of the event. The game was tight to start ending the first half 2-2. A even stronger second half performance propelled VA Rush to a decisive 5-2 victory! In the VA Rush White Team's final match they faced an unfamiliar opponent in CESA. This was another exiting match and pushed our boys to their limits. Trailing at halftime 2-3 they bounced back to tie and eventually scoring the winning goal to win 4-3!

"It was a very special day for VA Rush! The boy's rose to the occasion and the quality put forth was at the level we expected out of them. Our Coaching Staff challenged them mentally and physically and it was great to see them push their limits! The commodorery between the VA Rush Red and White Team's was tremendous. Both team's enthusiam in cheering each other's victories, goals, and plays was something to see!" said Director of Coaching Brian Cvilikas (BC).

Overall, a slow start on Saturday turned into a very SPECIAL, very MEMORABLE, and very UNDEFEATED day on Sunday! It was a great event put on by US Soccer and our Coaching Staff was proud of the strong finish by our represented Academy Team.

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