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Va Rush Announce Executive Director and Boys and Girls Directors of Coaching


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Over the 10 years of the existence of the Virginia Rush the growth in both members and programs has been gratifying and in fact has been so substantial that the Board concluded that the administrative structure needed to be modernized to improve efficiency and create clear lines of authority and responsibility, and to that end the Board has created the new position of Executive Director to whom all programs and personnel will report and has appointed Denise Edwards to fill that position.
On the coaching side of the organization the Board has appointed Jay Hoffman to be in charge of and manage all boys programs and coaches.  The Board has also appointed Matt Mittelstaedt to be in charge of and manage all girls programs and coaches. For the time being the administrative staff structure remains basically unchanged, but operational improvements will be pursued here also. These changes are effective immediately.
The Board believes that these changes will enhance staff working conditions and our club's ability to continue expansion and improve delivery of services.
Virginia Rush Board of Directors

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