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Competitive Player Placement


Online Registration - Competitive / Travel Program Only : This link is to be used for players wishing to attend the competitive / travel tryouts. Only players that are not already playing in the Virginia Rush travel program use this page i.e. Recreation or Advanced players, and players from any other club.
Online Payment Policy - Competitive Program Only 

Competitive  Tryout Information Page

New to the area
If you have recently moved to the area and are looking to place your child within the Virginia Rush Competitive program please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 757.430.3500.

Player Placement information Every year in May and early June soccer clubs conduct their annual tryouts to place players on a team based on each individuals level of play. The purpose of the tryouts is to attempt to ensure that every single player is placed in an environment that will see them best develop as a soccer player. It is the goal of the Virginia Rush that all the players receive notification in a timely manner and are placed appropriately. The player placement process takes time and player notification will not talke place until the Staff is completely satisfied with the results. All current Rush players will be notified by email and introductory phone calls will be made by the coach after the team has been formed. New players to the club will be notified by email or a phone call from the Director of Coaching. If a player is unable to attend the tryout process please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.757.430.3500 so that other arrangements for evaluation can be made. All Tryouts for the Virginia Rush are free to participants; just show up and show us what you can do.
The Rush does not hold tryouts for players that are currently in the Virginia Rush Competitive system. Players will be observed throughout the year and consequently placed more accurately within the Virginia Rush system. Evaluations will be based upon level of play (technical, tactical), attendance, attitude, team chemistry, and consistency. All currently registered Competitive Virginia Rush Girls and Boys U10 through U18 will be evaluated by their age group coaches and Directors of Coaching, who will then hold a pre-tryout Player Placement block period meeting in May. Block period meetings are also held with the potential for player movement following the Fall season, December through January. The Head Coach will select his/her team with assistance from the Rush Directors of Coaching.
During the year/season a player may be asked to transfer, or may request a transfer to another Rush team. The Virginia Rush will transfer a player only in certain circumstances such as injuries, player/coach conflicts, consideration to the implications of the entire age group, ability level, etc. For more information please contact the appropriate Director of Coaching.
Player Placement and Tryout Summary:

  • There are NO tryouts for players currently registered as Competitive Virginia Rush players.
  • Tryouts for the U-10 age group will be conducted.
  • Tryouts for Competive/Travel players U-11 and older who are not currently registered with the Virginia Rush club will be conducted. Advanced players must attend tryouts.
  • Tryouts will take place for players who wish to join the Virginia Rush Competitve system. Player placement takes place in May and June.
  • Current Virginia Rush players will be observed and evaluated by Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Directors of Coaching on a year round basis and placed on a team accordingly.
  • Players moving into the area will be placed according to their ability through the course of the year by the responsible Director of Coaching and Head Coach.
  • Head Coaches will pick their respective teams.
  • All Virginia Rush Advanced Players who want to enter the Competitive program must attend the Competitive tryouts.
  • Player Placement and movement may be done throughout the year.
  • There is no fee associated with tryouts.

It is the goal of the Virginia Rush Soccer Club is to develop soccer players at all levels. In order to do this, we must place players on a team commensurate with their ability. We believe the fore-mentioned philosophy will help us better accomplish our objective.

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