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Southside Recreation FAQ's


1. How do I register my son or daughter to play recreational soccer for the VA Rush?

Virginia Rush offers three ways to register:

-The preferred online registration. Payment options include mail-in check or online credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 

-Onsite registration is held semi annually at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Information on registration weekends will be posted on the Virginia Rush website prior to registration dates.

-Walk-in registration can be completed at the Rush office located at 2181 Landstown Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (Monday - Friday) from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

2.  Will I receive mail confirmation of my child's registration?

No. The Virginia Rush manages over 6,500 players. Mail confirmation is cost and work force prohibitive. The online registration system provides a 'Certificate of Registration' once registration is complete. Please print the 'Certificate of Registration' to use as registration confirmation. Players registered online and paid for using a credit card will receive an email receipt. Players registered during onsite registration will receive a carbon copy of the registration form.

3.  How do I get my son or daughter on a specific team?

Request for team placement can be done at the time of registration only. You will need to specify in the Special Request section what coach or players you would like your child to be placed with.

Returning Players (Spring Season Only) - During the spring online registration there is an option to return to the same team. If you wish to return to the same team, be sure to select "yes" and list the coach's name in the special request section of the registration form. If you register at the Rush office or the onsite registration, you will need to specify that you would like to return to the same team.

4.  I requested to play with a particular child or coach, but was not placed in accordance with my request.  Why?

Requests are honored if possible on a first come, first served basis. There may be other reasons your requests may not be honored: The players you requested may not be playing in the same US Youth Soccer (USYS) age grouping as your child, the requested coach may not be coaching, the coach may not be in your child's age group, or players registered before your child filled the team.

5.  How do I change my son or daughter to a different team?

Request to change teams must be in writing (email acceptable) and sent to the Recreation Administrator, Corri Dillon. Please state your reason(s) for the change.  Requests will be granted once it has been reviewed. Requests to change teams will not be granted if the team roster is at maximum roster size.

6.  Can my son or daughter play up in an older age group?

The Virginia Rush strongly recommends children play in their proper age group. US Youth Soccer (USYS) establishes the age groups. Children are trained to play soccer according to their recreation age group. Requests to change to an older age group must be in writing and sent to Corri Dillon, Recreation Administrator. A DOC may need to evaluate the player to see if he/she is capable of playing in the older age group.

7.  Can my child play down an age group?

US Youth Soccer (USYS) only allows children with mental or physical disabilities to play down an age group. Requests must be made in writing and sent to Corri Dillon. Please describe why your child needs to play down an age group.

8.  When are practices?

All Virginia Rush recreation coaches are volunteers. The coaches set practice days and times after their working hours. The Virginia Rush cannot assign you to a team that practices particular days and times, as that information is not available. The Virginia Rush staff does not have a list of when and where coaches practice.

9.  When and where are the games held?

Game locations are based on the area where the player resides and the area selected on the registration form. Games are held on neighborhood fields and local Elementary Schools in the City of Virginia Beach. *All of the U10 age group games are played at Brill Field (Kingston Elementary School) .*

Area Game Location
Bayside Brill Field (Kingston Elementary School)
Great Neck          Brill Field (Kingston Elementary School)
Kempsville Virginia Beach Sportsplex Developmental Fields
King's Grant Brill Field (Kingston Elementary School)
Red Wing Virginia Beach Sportsplex Developmental Fields

10.  How will I receive a copy of my child's game schedule?

Game schedules are distributed by the coach after all teams have been formed. Schedules are also posted on the Rush website.

11.  When will my child's coach contact me regarding practices?

Rosters and information are distributed to the coaches upon completion of the forming of teams and procuring volunteer coaches. If the Director of Coaching or Recreation Administrator has not found a coach then you will be contacted via our mass email system. We strongly encourage coaches to contact their players as soon as they receive their rosters. You should hear from a coach after Labor Day for the fall season and the third week in March for the spring season.

12.  Does my child need soccer shoes (cleats)?

Soccer shoes are recommended for the older players in the U8 age group and up. The younger players in the U4 and U6 age groups can wear sneakers; soccer shoes are optional.

13.  What items do I need to purchase?

It is mandatory for all players to wear shin guards and soccer socks over the shin guards. These items can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The uniform t-shirt is paid for in the registration fee.  Each child will be given one shirt. We recommend black soccer shorts.  All players will need to purchase a soccer ball to take to practice.

  Ball Size   Age Group
3 U4, U6, U8
4 U10, U12

14.  When emailing or calling the office about my child what information is needed to check the status of my child's registration?

When contacting the Rush office, please have your child's age group and area available. This will allow us to locate your child's registration quickly.  Please call 757-430-3500 or e-mail Corri Dillon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

15.  What information is needed when mailing my check to ensure that payment is applied to my child's registration fee?

When mailing payment to the Southside Rush office (2181 Landstown Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456), please include your child's name, age group, and area. A copy of the online 'Certificate of Registration' is very helpful.

16.  I want to withdraw my son or daughter before the season starts and get a refund.  May I receive a refund?

Refund requests must be submitted in writing (email acceptable) prior to the second game date. Refund requests are to include the player’s name and reason for the request. A $20.00 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds without regard to the reason for the request. All check refunds will be processed and mailed after the second game date. Fees paid by credit card will be refunded to the credit card after the second game date. Donations and late fees paid are not refundable. Refund requests will not be honored or issued after the second game date. 

Wait-listed players or players not placed due to lack of available space within the club will receive a full refund.

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