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Manager Roster Process


The Competitive team rostering process is established according to Virginia Youth Soccer Assn. (VYSA) and US Youth Soccer (USYS) policies.  Rosters and passes are completed by the team manager.   VYSA requires rosters and changes must be approved by the clubs Competitive Administrator before they are submitted to the registrar. The process is all electronic.  The manager completes the roster online and submits it to the Competitive Administrator by clicking the Approve Team button in their team database.  Rosters and passes are printed by the manager after electronic approval by the VYSA Assigned Registrar.

Step 1: All adult participants - Coaches, Managers, and Team Aides must complete the VYSA Risk Management Application.  The application begins the process for the required Kidsafe Background Check and enters the adult into the database to allow placement on the roster - VYSA Risk Management Application

Step 2: Completion of the Travel Team Application - Travel Team Application

Step 3: VYSA Database - Access Team Management

US Club Soccer Roster  Team Officials Background Check Link


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