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Sports Medicine Page


The Virginia Rush welcomes a partnership with Glasson Sports Medicine.

Dr. Sandra Glasson, MD     David Magnussen, PA-C    

Specializing in Sports Medicine and Children's Orthopedics.

968 First Colonial Road Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Orthopedic Doctors Office 757-412-1005

Physical Therapy Clinic 757-226-0075

Injury protocol - There will be an athletic trainer available at Virginia Rush Soccer games and practices as scheduled below. The trainer will be the first level of medical care. Upon the completion of an on field evaluation by the athletic trainer on site, the athlete will:
1. Be treated on the field by the athletic trainer and told to follow up with the athletic trainer at their next session.
2. Be referred to the physical therapy clinic for minor treatments and/or rehabilitation as necessary.
3. Be referred to Dr. Glasson at 412-1005 for an evaluation, diagnosis and treatment as necessary. (Please make an appointment and bring insurance information)  Appointments will be made available within 24 hours of scheduling, either with Dr. Glasson or the physician assistants.
4. Be transported to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Chrissy Voigt, the Virginia Rush trainer, is available on the field on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Sportsplex field from 5:15 PM to 9:00 PM. She is also available in the physical therapy clinic. The clinic will be open to see Rush athletes from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Sports Medicine Articles of Interest

Health and Fitness

Dangers of Dehydration
Sweat Fact Sheet
Energy for Tournaments
The Sodium Solution
Heat Stress - Quick Tips
Maximizing Performance

New Articles on Concussions

Concussion Article from the Rush Athletic  trainer.

Other resources on head injuries:

US Soccer Head Gear Statement
Soccer Head Gear Research Report
Taking Concussions Seriously

Injury Care and Prevention

General Injuries
Top 5 Soccer Injuries
Injury Prevention Program
Ankle Sprain Management

Knee injuries are common among soccer players. Here is a new article that shows an overview of the anatomy of the knee.

Anatomy of the Knee

For a general injury reference, visit the PhysioRoom. The site offers general information on most sports injuries.

Nutritional Guidelines

There is a new food guide pyramid that can provide specific daily food guidelines based on age and activity level.  Information about each food group can be found on this interactive myplate.gov website.

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