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The Virginia Rush Booster Club

Mission Statement

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The Virginia Rush Soccer Booster Club is a non-profit organization, comprised of parents who volunteer their time to promote and support the activities of the Virginia Rush Soccer Club. Our mission is to encourage members and players to develop an understanding of teamwork, responsibility, and respect for others not only within the club but also for the communities our Recreation, Advance and Travel programs play in.

We will encourage participation in this sport, seek publicity and recognition for the athletes, and support the coaches. We will foster enthusiasm for club and team spirit, raise funds, recognize scholarship programs, volunteer our time, service, and money to accomplish these objectives.

The Virginia Rush Soccer Club will work to instill a sense of individual pride, team pride, and club pride. We will further work to provide the best environment to allow our players to achieve their personal goals in relation to the sport of soccer and allow each player and team to reach the highest playing level possible.

The Booster Club’s primary purpose is to raise awareness of the Virginia Rush Soccer Club through fund-raising and support the needs of the club, players and families.


The Virginia Booster Club will strive to provide an equal opportunity for every young person.


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